Home Theater Setup

Sure, anyone can hang a TV on the wall. But home entertainment is so much more than just the screens and speakers. Create a truly inviting entertainment experience to enjoy with friends, family and neighbors alike. Book an expert Tech to turn your "TV room" into the home theater you deserve.

TV Mounting & Installation

Schedule an in-home walkthrough to receive a quote. Service starts at $100. Factors like location (e.g. over fireplace), materials (e.g. brick walls) and other details may incur additional costs. Your Tech will determine these during your walkthrough.

Smart Device Installation & Setup

Smart devices make your life easier, but getting set up can be difficult. Get a handle on your smart home systems with professional setup and installation for all your smart doorbells, thermostats, lighting, security, and smart speaker systems.

Smart Camera Installation

Modern, tech enabled smart cameras make it easy to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are. Get your smart camera mounted, connected, and configured by an expert technician fast and on your schedule.

Smart Home Support

Enjoy the luxury and convenience that comes with the latest smart home technology. If you want to answer your doorbell from anywhere or control your home's temperature, appliances and lighting automatically, then our expert professionals are here to help.